Jun 5, 2013

This is ME!

I was in deep thoughts yesterday (naks!), thinking why my posts became few and far between. I had the answer this morning while I was in a bus holding on to my dear life as the bus driver made his way like a crazy snake on the busy highway, EDSA. I was pushing myself too much pala. I was trying so hard to be a blogger that I am not.

Don't get me wrong mga mare. I love how the other bloggers manage to make kwento of every tidbits of their lives. And I want that, too. Pero kahit madaldal ako in real life, I find it hard to put into words everything I have in mind. But I'm working on it.

I dream of the mouth-watering foods that food bloggers post every now and then. But I can't be a foodie blogger. That's it. Admitted! I can't snap pictures everytime we dine out. I lack the passion for food photography. And I only have two adjectives to describe the food I eat, (1) masarap and (2) hindi masarap. =) I tried, and I failed. But I'm still going to try some more. Just so I can give a decent credit to all the restaurants that I love and will love.

I admire every OOTD entries. I attempted once and asked my cousin to take my picture before I leave the house to work. But I didn't have the guts to share it and let everyone to see. I don't have a sexy body to flaunt. I don't have enough outfits that I can be proud of, IMO. Yes, I have a few pieces of branded clothes. I also shop in Greenhills, Divisoria and Baclaran. I've been to a bazaar. I bought some from online shops. But I just don't have the courage to pose infront of a camera. How I wish I have Angela's innate love of camera or posing for a picture. But you know what? I really love to have my own online shop. I am currently working on it. I recently found a nice blouse and I fell inlove with the fabric. At dahil dun, gusto ko syang ibenta. =) (Wish me luck mga mare)

That's it, pancit! Yan ang gusto kong mangyari ngayon!

I am really blessed with a business-mind. After graduating from college, I asked my father to help me finance and build a computer shop. He did. I showed him my business strategy, gave him a tour around my target market and we did it. And I thank him for supporting me all the way. But young as I was, my being impatient led me to transfer the business to my brother instead. I was fickle-minded, too. But those were the days.

My mother had the biggest influenced on me. I grew up in a salon. Our house was half private and half public. For me, she is the best saleslady ever. She knew who to approach and what to offer. She has the unique gift of pursuing her potential buyer without sounding annoying and makulit. You can never say no to her. Basta ang galing. Hindi annoying level.

I also get to experience managing a tiangge stall in Monumento. My aunt owned it. During school breaks, I manned her shop. That's where my mother took the idea. And we expanded to Cubao. Little did I know, someday I would want to have the same business, on a different level though. Uso noon ang tiangge, uso ngayon ang online shops. =)

Before I was assigned to Malaysia to support a project, my husband and I opened our own tiangge stall in Dasmarinas, Cavite. I have high hopes then. Ganun ako eh. Excited lagi. Hehe. I personally picked the items that I am going to re-sell. I designed the stall. Kaso waley, after I left, hindi keri ni R ang ganung business. Walang nag asikaso. Ayun, pag uwi ko, wala na rin ang tindahan. I was heartbroken. Pero I told myself, I'll find the right time to re-open that kind of business. And feel na feel ko na this is the right time. =)

Mabalik tayo sa pag bblog ko. I was about to click the "Publish" button when I remembered na hindi natapos yung intro ko. Hehe. I'll stick with my plan. I'll write from my heart. I may post food reviews and my shopping finds from time to time. I am a woman after all. Nag shoshopping rin ako. At mahilig rin naman akong kumain sa labas. But I will promise that I won't make pilit. Hehe. Tingin ko, since my initial plan is to make this my online journal, mas madalas ang pagpopost ko ng mga nangyayari at kwento ng aking pamilya. That's what I want to document. Our milestones.


  1. Same here. I sometimes dont know what to write about because I always gauge myself as to what other bloggers are blogging about. Until i realized that I just have to be myself.

    1. Exactly sis. They will always be our inspiration. =)

  2. Exactly, sis. your blog, your content. put whatever you want and what you're comfortable with. nagsisimula pa lang naman, it's a good start until you finally find your niche(if you want to take it to another level). =)

    1. Hey, Geline! It's good to hear from you again. I've been checking your blog everyday, so what caused the looonnnggg break? (As if active ako sa pagbblog, hehe.)

      Yes, mare. I'll take it slow hanggang comfortable na ako to share everything to the whole wide world. I don't even know how to put on make-up, so I can't even be a beauty expert. Unlike you, it really comes natural. =)

      Goodluck to us! Cheers!


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