Jun 7, 2013

EK: Friday Kwentuhan

Good thing that Angela's classes will start on June 17 pa. We haven't bought her anything pa, well except for her shoes and bag. She'll be using her old bag na lang kasi hindi pa naman sira. Sayang ang money. Hehe. I bought her shoes early this summer when a mall near our place went on sale. Di ba? We need to be practical. =) Maybe we'll head to the mall this weekend to complete her school requirements.

I am a little uncomfortable with the school service though. Did you guys feel this, too? Or baka hindi lang ako sanay na ipagkatiwala yung anak ko sa ibang tao. Although malapit lang naman yung school sa bahay, 5-minute drive I suppose. And another consolation is, they won't pass any major highway. Praning lang talaga akong nanay, 'no? OA lang. Anyway, I will ask the owner if I can send a yaya with her on her 1st week. Para alam ko rin kung saan ang ikot ng service. Right, I'll ask her tonight. =)

One more problem I am facing right now is, Angela's not ready yet for school, I think. =( We were telling her everyday that soon there will be a change on her routine again. Pero parang dedma lang ang bagets. Nasanay na naman sa TV and sa paglalaro. Hopefully come June 17, she'll get excited to meet new friends. Goodluck sakin. =)

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