Jun 10, 2013

How I Met My Husband

I was not in search of a potential lover when I met R. I was actually mending a broken heart that time. Our meeting was as casual as it can be. We were both on site, waiting for the cell site to be up and ok. I was checking the radio signals on my laptop and he was like 100m away from me on his usual get-up of polo shirt, denim pants and a pair of rubber shoes. Oh, I forgot, he's wearing his cap and sunglasses. While I was wearing my pambahay-pwede-nang-pang-site wardrobe. I am mostly one of the boys when I am doing fieldworks. I am not the kikay type. And he found me sexy, sabi nya. Buti na lang. =)

If bad words could kill, he died long ago. We were not the best of friends because he's the typical guy, an asshole. (No offense meant, guys! Peace! *Wink) On a seniority level, he was my boss. He was working for our client and we were their contractors. Most of the time, I was on the waiting line. That went on for months.

Something magical happened one evening when most of my colleagues all went back to Manila and I was left with my driver in Laguna (that meant I can stay wherever I want, usually kasi, we stay in one hotel and just share rooms para makatipid). I decided to stay na lang because we were actually expected to stay in the area for the whole week. Call it fate, he was there in the same site. The site took forever to be stable and gumagabi na rin so I asked if he wanted to eat dinner with us and he declined. Asshole nga, di ba? =)

After dinner, I received a call from him asking me where we ate. (Nagpakipot lang pala.) I told him where and that we're going to wait for them (he and his driver). Wala lang. Promise. Gusto ko lang maging polite. While waiting for them to finish, we had a little conversation which led to an invitation of two bottles. I am pretty much sure that I did the invitation without malice. Told 'ya, I am one of the boys. And my profession required me to learn how to drink...a lot. Is that a good excuse? Well, I hope yes. Hehe.

We invited a common friend to join us since he will be the one in-charge of the next site (cell site). Small world, no? Hehe. Ganyan sa telecoms, kami kami lang din ang nagkikita kita.

I won't go into details na about what happened that night. Basta it was the start of everything. We had fun. We got to know each other very well. And wala pa man, pinuna na kami ni friend na bagay daw kami. =)

On the next day, he dropped by to where I was and we had a cup of coffee. The conversation was sweeter and hotter than the cup of coffee that we're sipping. Yun na. That was the start of forever. =)


  1. ang sweet naman! :)

    just dropping by! Nice blog :)

    1. Thanks, Claire!

      I also love yours. =)

  2. Bitin! Ituloy ang kwento after the drinking kemerlu! :D

    1. Pag usapan na lang natin yan, mare. Hahaha! Let's meet! Shopping tayo. =)


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