Jun 16, 2013

A letter to my husband and the father of my two kids

Dear Bhe,

I know marrying me has been the biggest decision you've ever made in your life, let's spare my readers with the drama behind our love story, and I'll be forever grateful to you for being the man who completed me.

Each day that I spend with you, I get to know better the man that I married. You're sweet (in your own way), loving, hardworking, funny (whenever with family), serious (to others) and the ultimate jack-of-all-trades (that others may not know). Everyday you make me fall in love over and over again. You are the perfect husband to me. And you are the greatest father to our children. No doubt Angela and Aerin seems perfectly happy in your arms. You have no idea how many tears I've shed whenever I see them laughing their hearts out with your funny stories. I just knew I made the right decision when I marry you.

We will have more petty fights in the next years to come, but I am pretty much secure that we will always end up kissing away the issue on hand. You've always assured me that we will spend our lifetime together. And that's more than enough assurance.

I've always been afraid to raise kids. Because I know it isn't an easy job. But with you as their father, I know I should stop worrying. You're doing a great job, Bhe! I never hear you complain when you have to send them to bed because I have other things to do. You lovingly change diapers every morning. You willingly pick them up when tantrums kick in. You shower them with kisses everyday. And that makes me one lucky mom! I have to thank your parents, Tatay and Nanay for raising you so well. If not for their guidance and love, you wouldn't be the man that you are now. Thank you, 'tay and 'nay!

I'll make sure that marrying me was the right decision, Bhe. Thank you for being the best father to the kids. We love you so much!

Happy father's day!

With love and kisses,

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