May 9, 2013

Rewind: Busy Tuesday

This is a backlog. I know, right? I was busy yesterday kaya hindi ako nakapag kwento mga mare. =) Anyway, I was on leave last Tuesday. I need to submit the reports for my sideline soon. But the Engineer who I hired to do the work for me failed to meet the required churva of my client. Kaya to save my ass, I decided to do the job myself. So the next time I'll get more projects, I know how to do it. It will be much easier for me to guide someone else.

Easy peasy lang pala mga mare. The only "BUT" is that, hanglayo! North Luzon sya. As far as Baguio yung nakuha kong project. I went to Pampanga last Tuesday to do a quarter of the project. Si hubby ang aking piloto that day. I wanted to rent a car pero he insisted para hindi naman daw ako malugi sa raket ko. =) Very supportive naman pala. Kaso on our way, he kept on murmuring na malayo daw pala. Sabi ko na nga ba, hindi rin makakatiis at magrereklamo rin ang mokong. Hehe. We arrived in Pampanga around noon time, nag drop by pa kasi kami sa isa nya ring project sa Bulacan. So it was like hitting two birds in one stone for him.

Me: Bhe, hanap ka muna ng makakainan.
R: Ayos! Hindi mo pa nauumpisahan trabaho mo, kain agad.
Me: Eh, gutom na ako.
R: Sige, hanap tayo sisig! =)

Yown naman! =)

But we were in a small barangay lang. It was difficult to find a local restaurant or a carenderia. Ending, trabaho pa rin ang nauna.

We finished around 5 pm and decided to drop by a gasoline station in NLEX on our way home for a much needed merienda.

A well-deserved Magnum!
When going to provinces talaga, except for the vacation, I look forward most in dropping by any gasoline station along the expressway. I noticed kasi, ang bongga lang kasi nagiging one-stop shop sila. Like dun sa hinintuan namin, they have a cafe that serves starbucks-like coffee and cakes. They also offer dumplings and different munchies. Tapos they also have a mini-grocery that includes toiletries talaga. =) They also offer different pasalubong and delicacies. 

Parang wala lang katapusan yung kalsada

See the blue line? Ang galing noh?
After the looonngggg drive, we finally reached home around 9 pm. It was really tiring. No, it was an understatement. R drifted off to sleep the moment his back touched our bed. Wawa man my driver. 

Me: 'Til the next time, Bhe!
R: Anong next time? Mag rent ka na lang ng sasakyan!
Me: Ay, gising pa pala. Hihi. =)


  1. Good Day, it is my first time here. Just lurking around looking for fellow Pinay blogger and I am happy that I landed in your blog

    It is always nice to touch bases with a PInay blogger with same interests as mine - working Mommy blogger , an engineer too and yes I was once I young Mom like you, I just started much earlier. I became a Mom before I was able to graduate

  2. Hi Cielo,

    Thanks for dropping by. I'm happy to find another engineer blogger. Most of the bloggers I know are writers, if not, are graduates of mass com or the like. I felt intimidated most of the time. Feeling ko kasi I don't belong in this world. But good to know that I am not alone here.

    I look forward for more comment exchange with you. I'll drop by your page after sending this. =)



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