May 15, 2013

EK: Rainy Wednesday

I was supposed to blog yesterday but my mind was busy worrying kasi Baby Rain's cough got worse the night before. And I have to come to work na kahapon kasi andami ko ng absences. Kaya hindi rin mapakali ang lola mo dito sa office kahapon. Ganun talaga mga mare, no? Pag anak natin ang may sakit, hindi talaga tayo makampante. Last Saturday, I even texted some friends including a fellow blogger to ask where I could get Vapor Soove. 

Vapor Soove is an in-house proprietary blend of essentials oils -- Eucalyptus, Lavender, Methol and Thyme -- with a proven soothing vapour and calming effect. This non-greasy ointment base provides gentle and effective relief for stuffy noses and coughs. Unlike other popular chest rubs, Vapor Soove is a Camphor-free formula, which makes it suitable for babies and children above 6 months.

I couldn't get myself google it because my darling's been clinging on me all day. All I knew is that I read it somewhere but my over-occupied mind couldn't process anything. I've been sleepless for a couple of nights attending to my baby's needs, kaya ganun. Pagpasok ko pa lang kahapon dito sa office, I started researching where I could buy Vapor Soove. And it all led me back to Ms. Tin of Manila Fashion Observer. But I can't afford to order it online for it will take 2-3 days pa for shipping period. I needed it right away. I decided to email Ms. Tin for the nearest shop from my office kasi as far as I can remember, parang wala na yung Momtrepreneur Shop sa Shang. I work in Pasig area kasi, so yung Shang ang lalabas na nearest store. Honestly, I was half-hearted to email Ms. Tin kasi (1) nahihiya ako (2) feeling ko masyado syang busy para istorbohin ko, at (3) nahihiya talaga ako. Pero hindi ako nagkamali na tanungin sya kasi ang bait nya mga mare. She replied agad agad sa email ko. (Thanks, Ms. Tin! You have no idea how much you've helped me.) And her reply really calmed me. Although I have no idea if the product really works, but as a mom, I am willing to try anything basta makabubuti sa mga anak ko. And besides, all reviews I've read are all positive. Gow ako agad sa Robinson's Galleria to buy Vapor Soove. It is available mga mare sa Sesou Nature Source. I bought a jar and included one stick of Milea Baby Sniffles Balm on my purchase. OA lang talaga ako, nabasa ko rin kasi that Milea Baby Sniffles Balm also helps calm and ease baby's cough and cold symptoms and it is organic din just like Vapor Soove. 

excuse the stuffy nose of my baby

Baby Rain loves the Vapor Soove. No joke mga mare, effective talaga sya. After several sleepless nights, we finally had our well-deserved undisturbed sleep last night. I never heard her cough-like-there's-no-tomorrow. I'm so happy with this product. =) The next time that I'll be in Robinson's Galleria, I'll buy more of this. I also tried it myself para ma-gauge ko how much I should put on her, nakaka-calm talaga yung scent nya and unlike the other vapor rubs, hindi sya masakit sa balat.

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  1. marekoy, kamusta na ang bebe? i messaged you thru viber. that's the best way to contact me now. topak ang globe, yung mga text sakin delayed ng DAYS. yep, hindi minuto o oras. daysss talaga! i'll change cp number soon. kisses to baby rhaine! :*


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