May 13, 2013

EK: Mother's Instinct

For most of you, this is one of the most important days as a citizen of this country. It is our chance to make a difference. But sadly, I wasn't able to register myself for this election. Don't judge me mga mare. I promised myself to register as soon as possible dito na sa aming lugar. And I heard, Imus City is a hot spot during election day. Nakaka excite to think that someday, my vote would really matters a lot. I won't elaborate the issues since I am not in a position to say anything. So...enough of political issues. =)

I had an exhausting Saturday. Once again, I've proven mother's instinct to be right. I woke up in the middle of the night to see Baby Rain uneasy and in tears, normally, I will give her the pacifier or if it's her feeding time, I'll give her milk. But I felt something's wrong so I hurriedly scooped her up. Natakot ako mga mare, she was shivering and breathing fast. I turned off the a/c agad agad. I wrapped her in thick blanket and felt her temperature. Oo, nauna ko syang balutin ng kumot bago ko naisipan tingnan kung nilalagnat sya. I guess I was focused in giving her enough warmth first. Actually, hindi ako nakapag decide kung may fever ba sya o wala, hindi ko na rin naisip na lagyan sya ng thermometer to know better. Ginising ko na lang agad si R habang nagpapanic ako. And he hates that. He hates to see me in panic mode. Siguro dahil gusto nyang kalma lang para makapag isip sya ng maayos. We were actually arguing while dinadamitan ng maayos si Baby at habang nagbibihis kami at habang ginigising yung iba naming kasama sa bahay. Riot lang. Hehe. We went to the nearest hospital. At 3am, we were the only patient sa ER ng Divine Grace Medical Center. Her temperature was 38.5 C, and thank God, it was not pneumonia. And then I calmed down. Grabe lang talaga ang ubo nya that she needed to use the nebulizer thrice. We went home after 2 hours with an antibiotic, cough medicines and paracetamol drops. The whole Saturday wasn't easy for me. She had an off-on fever and very uneasy the whole day. Pero ok lang sakin yun. Cough is easier to manage than something worse, like, pneumonia. Yun talaga yung prayer ko the whole travel from our house to the hospital. "Lord, please be it not pneumonia." And He answered my prayer. =)

Came Sunday, and it's mother's day. I celebrated it a little emotional. After what happened last Saturday, mas feel kong i-celebrate yung mother's day. Hindi dahil napagod ako at gusto kong samantalahin yung araw ko para magpahinga. But because I feel lucky to be a be able to care for another being and love her unconditionally. Someone who depends on me. Someone who will love me back the way I love them. Or not. Basta, ramdam na ramdam ko talaga kahapon yung pagiging ina ko. Walang basagan ng trip. =)

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  1. I can feel you. Ganun din ako. kunting kibot lang, panic mode agad. Mommy nga talaga tayo.

    Love your blog! Visit mine? :)


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