Mar 16, 2015

Rekindling my LOVE for writing

I have yet to share what made me so frakkin' busy for the past 9 months of hiatus and here I am announcing my break up with it. (Un)officially, today marks the beginning of my domestication as I choose staying at home to watch after my kids and leave the corporate world where I just started to shine bright like a diamond. Unofficial because I still have to work at home for a few days and maybe visit the office one more time this week for a smoother transition. Other than that, I am officially a stay-at-home mom. Feels great, I tell you! (You can now roll your eyes. Lol.)

Although I am not really sure how long this will last, I will surely savor each moment that I will feed, bathe and pamper my kids. I can now play with them all day. And I would be looking forward to our bedtime stories. But alongside with the wonderful things that I am looking forward with the kids, I know my life would never be quiet and easy. I know that there would be more arguments and heart-wrenching moments. But I will not give up on my kids as my mother never gave up on me. I will try and try even harder so I can raise beautiful human beings and God-fearing souls. 

Just like at this very moment, my eldest is whining and making tantrums for some unknown reason. I asked her why, twice and got no answer but more whining. I should leave you all once again with a short post but with a promise that I will be writing more often now.

P. S. 

Did you notice my new BLOG TITLE? Yay or Nay? 

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