Jun 21, 2014

One Step At A Time

As a working mom, I often feel guilty of being away from my kids during daytime so I usually find myself rushing home every night hoping to spend some time with them before they fall asleep. I am a regular commuter and that means more travel time for me. It sucks, I know right? Maybe this time you could imagine me running and snaking my way out of the crowded MRT station to catch a jeepney. I am in a constant hurry. I find it uncomfortable if not dangerous but I have no choice and I don't want to complain. 

Until something life-changing happened to me last June 20.

I slipped, bounced 3-4 steps down (or maybe more) and fell hard on the stairs at the MRT Taft Station. I accidentally stepped on a young lady's umbrella when she dropped it and you know what happened next. My bottom was in great pain and swollen and I was there crying not attempting any single movement to avoid any more injury. The young lady who appeared to be a student didn't leave my side until someone more authoritative was in sight. I called my husband right away, my brother next. The security guards and paramedics of the station attended to me but they seem not prepared enough to such incidents. Neither a stretcher nor a wheelchair came although I am sure that the latter won't be a good choice in my case. A few more minutes of discomfort, pain and more tears from me while partly-lying-partly-sitting on the busy stairs of the station until someone from Red Cross came to my aid. She was at least equipped with first aid kit which I doubt I needed that time. All I wanted was to be brought to the nearest hospital so I could undergo an xray to know the status of my pelvic area. I was scared of the thought of not being able to walk again. I was beyond scared actually. I have a cousin who was in a bus accident and it took her 3 painful months before she was able to walk because her hip bones were dislocated. Maybe I was a little paranoid but what the heck, I was in pain and my bottom is swollen so anything could happen, right? While all these were happening, I was silently praying to God to take care of me. And He did, undoubtedly. Thank you, oh Lord!

The Red Cross ambulance arrived after some time and brought me to San Juan De Dios Hospital for more medical attention. The doctor inspected my legs, thighs, back and hips for any injury and fortunately, nothing else hurts. The hubby and my brother with her fiance arrived shortly before I was brought to the laboratory for the xray. A few minutes passed and the result came clean and clear, oh I was crying in joy!

And then there's the lessons to be learned, of course! I just didn't think it would come in a painful way.

I am always like this. Always in a hurry. It is actually stressful but I always want to be two steps ahead of everything. Now I realized I should take time to breathe and enjoy every steps I make. I should learn how to manage my busy schedule without compromising my safety. I should start to learn to let go of unnecessary stress and live a healthy life. Simply put, I should take one step at a time and enjoy this journey called life. :)


Thank you to the Red Cross team who brought me to the hospital. I forgot to ask for your names. And please please always donate even a little amount to those Red Cross can that you see at every MRT Station. Your penny really matters to those in need.

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