Jun 13, 2014

A quick trip to Baguio: Day 1

I was two months pregnant with the Little Girl the last time we were in Baguio. Ate couldn't remember much except for the horse and boat rides. And she was delighted to be back and enjoyed the city one more time with her little sister this time. I didn't have much of an itinerary since I wanted to savor each hour instead of rushing everybody just so I could complete my list. Chill chill lang ang peg namin that weekend. 

After settling in our rented place, I was grateful to have eaten a heavy breakfast at Lola's house because we started the day with a calorie-burning-heart-pumping-hike up Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto. 

Even the kids were energized enough to reach the top without complaining a lot. We heard a little protest and whine along the way but hey, they're children after all. Who wouldn't get tired of 252 steps? :)

We said our prayers, took our selfies and then we head down with a cup of strawberry taho, manga with bagoong and a happy heart knowing that God will always be with us to keep us safe. :)

Although I have heard a lot of must-visit restaurants in Baguio, we decided to eat wherever we are the moment the hunger strikes. So we ended up eating lunch somewhere in Mines View Park. 

The Little Girl was able to take a nap while I was eating my lunch that's why she wasn't so happy with me taking her just-woken-up picture. Sorry, sweetie!

The Ate on the other hand was so full of energy to make faces and runaround. Oh, kids these days! 

We headed to Wright Park once the Little Girl regained her energy and full consciousness. Ate's been looking forward to this moment. She couldn't contain her happiness when I announced that we'll finally be riding horses. :)

A smile to conceal my nervousness. :p

Our day didn't end up with horses, we went to PMA to buy some souvenirs and for sure, Ate won't allow me to end the day without a visit to Burnham Park.

Tune in for more chikka. I have to cut this short because I'm mobile blogging. 

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