Mar 17, 2015

Is it worth keeping or is it time to quit?

Have you been working your arse off lately to finish a project and no appreciation was sent your way? Are you having sleepless nights already because your to-do lists are never-ending? Do you still feel valuable and happy at work? Oh well, if it is YES YES and NO, I guess we share the same sentiments my loves.

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You see, it never really occurred to me to stop working at age 31. Because (1) I am still too young to retire, (2) I want to help my husband with our finances and (3) domestication is not really my thing. But who knows, I might rock my new role now. Lol.

Going back, I would like to share to you my recent realizations on identifying if your job is no longer worth keeping. Read on!

1. If you look at your job as a liability rather than an asset.

While it is true that looking for a job here in the Philippines is quite hard and competitive, it is not right to keep a job you already detest. 

2. If you bring home tons of work.

I have nothing against someone who brings home paperworks but personally, I would rather not. This is no longer healthy for me because I want to have a balance life. I work to live and not the other way around. And I have a wonderful family who waits for me to come home. 

3. If you are getting sickly because of stress.

This doesn't need any argument. It is only right to value our health. Because health is wealth. Seriously. 

4. If you can no longer respect your boss because he/she doesn't respect you either.

I seriously believe that a good relationship with your superior yields better result at work. Mutual respect is vital in every workplace. Agree?

5. If you are NO longer happy.

Quit. You are not going to be as efficient as you are when you are happy with what you are doing. It is not healthy anymore that every coffee breaks, you and your officemates' topic is always about resignation.

That is only a short list, I know. But this is based solely from my experience. Hehe. If you can still add something, feel free to post in the comment section below. Let's help our fellow moms understand their value and worth in this world. We don't need a paying job if we are being violated na. Naku, I have to stop ranting kasi I've been wanting to keep a positive vibe na. 


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