Dec 8, 2013

Rest day Sunday

I am totally useless today. Normally, Sundays are spent cleaning the bedroom and the closet. But today, I spent the whole day lying in bed. I actually started feeling a little off while we were on the mall yesterday, but since I didn't want to dampen everybody else's mood, I tried to manage the headache. I also noticed small red rashes on most part of my body since Friday. Luckily, it didn't worsen. 

Today is different though. I woke up feeling normal despite the throbbing head. Until we came back from the church, my left eye suddenly became blurred. I can't explain how it happened. The next thing I know, I can't read a single word because everything seems to be floating and moving. Initially, I felt scared and paranoid. But after googling it, I somehow felt relieved. This could be just the migraine or the astigmatism I've long been suffering. Well, that's what I wanted to believe. I don't want to be so negative about this headache and blurry vision, just like what the homily is today. There's nothing to fear because I have a big God up there. I'm keeping my faith up and above all these pain I feel right now. :)

To end this post on a happy note, I will soon be posting the new experience I had in the hubby's province when we went there to celebrate his 30th. Oh, he reminded me last night about it. 

R: Nai-blog mo na ba yung birthday ko?
Me: Naku, hindi pa!
R: I-blog mo na.

I guess I have a secret follower. He denies until now that he reads my blog. Hehe.

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