Nov 20, 2013

Writing Poorly

Below is taken from the book of Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover.

So write.
Get your thoughts down.
Let it rest.
Let it marinate.

Then edit.

But don't edit as you type,
that just slows the brain down.
Find a daily practice,
for me it's blogging every day.
And it's fun.

The more you write, the easier it gets. 
The more it is a flow, the less a worry.
It's not for school, it's not for a grade,
it's just to get your thoughts out there.

You know they want to come out.

So keep at it. Make it a practice.
And write poorly, write awfully, write with abandon and
it may end up being




Now I don't have to be afraid to write everything down. Just like what it said, it may end up being really really good. =)

Keep writing folks!

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