Nov 19, 2013

1st Family Staycation: Acacia Hotel Part II


Despite the hearty dinner the night before, we woke up ready to face the buffet breakfast that awaits us at Acaci. We are a family of early riser, so catching up the breakfast spread isn't a problem to us.

The Little Girl waiting for her brekky

I mentioned in the first installment of this staycation that my family lives a simple life. While we have eaten in hotels, formal gatherings and classy restaurants, we still find it a little awkward and we're actually too shy to put foods on our plate. Ang corny namin no? Lol!

munching on her bread
look at the Little Girl's face..funny!

Happy Tummy = Happy Baby

But somehow we were able to fill our plates with various foods that morning. As expected, R's plate was full of Filipino cuisine. He's a big eater so he filled his plate with heavy dishes. While the kids wolfed down their usual brekky of fried rice, eggs, tocino, sausages, corned beef and orange juice, I went continental. Hehe! Arte arte lang. Pero hindi, when the kids didn't finish their plate, I consumed the left overs. Don't judge me. Ganyan naman talaga tayong mga nanay di ba? Or is it just me? =)

Unlike the Little Girl who would sit still for a photo or two, Angela was all over the place so I didn't have a decent photo of her. Tsk! Tsk!

running walking pushing

After munching on too much food, we decided to head back to our room. Alam na! Lol! The hubby wanted to lie down for a while. Inantok ulit sa sobrang kabusugan. Haha!

The two kids wanted to go back to the pool but I decided otherwise. Killjoy mom lang! I'm bad, I know. I let them bathe in the tub instead while I watched TV. Happy na rin sila with that. =)

Our staycation ended with everyone smiling from ear to ear. We should be doing this more often, nakakatanggal ng stress. Overall, we had fun at Acacia Hotel. And sure, we're going back!

After checking out

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