Nov 18, 2013

On my Unplanned Blogging Hiatus

I know I made myself a promise to take blogging (a little) seriously. Because honestly, since I started this humble blog of mine, anxiety attacks became less. Woohoo! Writing indeed helps.

I still haven't shared the last installment on our Acacia Hotel staycation but I promise to finish it soon. I am the laziest person on earth when it comes to transferring photos from cam to pc. Shame on me! Lol!

Moving on, it's good to hear that the distribution of relief goods has sped up for our kababayans in Visayas. Seriously, I had several sleepless nights hoping and praying that they soon find light and comfort. I just couldn't ignore my emotions that the hubby banned news at home. Hehe. Anyways, I'm done with the negative thoughts.

As the Philippines stood firm amidst the chaos caused by the typhoon, here's a positive thought to get us by:

Image Source

Happy Monday folks! Let's keep the faith! =)


  1. Im glad your back,sis!
    Praying for those who are suffering in Central Visayas. In God's grace, we can rise again.

    1. Thanks, sis! =)

      And yes, soon...we will rise again. Pinoy pa? Right? =)


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