Jul 4, 2013

On Money Saving and Splurging

I was blog hopping early this week when I came across with Mommy Practicality's post about money saving tips. Oh, Boy! Both my husband and I work our asses off but NO! We don't have savings yet! I know, right? Should I start to panic? We have money in banks but those don't count as savings. They are for our daily expenses and to pay for our mortgages.

When we got married, I told him that every payday, I will save a certain amount both from our pay slips. Pero, waley! Hindi ko nagawa. We have too many monthly financial obligations that I always forget to set aside a little something for our piggy bank. That, or I am just too busy spending. =(

I wouldn't care less of our financial status if we were still single. My husband and I used to shop 'til we drop. We have experienced bar-hopping like there's-no-tomorrow. We traveled and traveled until we're dead tired. And that was us, before. We didn't care if we spend fortunes on silly things. But that can't be done today. Today, that we have a toddler to send to school and a tot to feed. Plus, a whole household that depends on our monthly income.

We had a major change with our lifestyle when we committed to a lifetime relationship with each other. We stopped drinking, oh, we still do but only when there's an occasion to celebrate. We don't shop anymore more than what we need, as in really really need. We prefer eating dinner on our own dining table so we can catch up from our daily activities. That being said, I was expecting for us to at least save a little since we spend lesser now. Or so I thought.

I dread not to be able to provide my daughters' need. I don't want them to experience anything else but a comfortable life. I know that's not too much to ask. I am not lazy. I am hell sure that I married a man that hates idling around. I am determined to fulfill their dreams and mine. I shall do something about it. It has to be now!

So, I listed early on my OPLAN IPON. Here it goes.

1. TALK TO EVERYONE AT HOME AND DISCUSS MY PLAN. This has to come first on this list. They have to understand the need to save for our future. And they have to support me on this.

2. TRACK DOWN OUR HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES. This should have been done ages before. But I am no good with numbers and balancing sheets. But I am determined to learn, even just the basic of monitoring our incoming and outgoing moolah.

3. STOP SPENDING ON UNNECESSARY THINGS. Period. Scratch anything on my grocery list that isn't necessary. And I should plan ahead before hitting a shopping mall. That said, I shall eliminate impulse-buying. I have to take note of that. And I shall inform hubby as well. He is more impulsive than me mga mare.

4. PRIORITIZE. I am one impulsive shopper. My husband, too. And now we shall learn how to prioritize. Period.

5. START SAVING NOW! As in now! I have received my payment for the last sideline I had this week. I promised myself not to touch it. I won't. Promise. That's a good start I suppose.

I'm crossing my fingers. I know I can do this. Right? Wish me luck guys!


  1. Save!Now this is something I need to do. Impulsive buyer din kasi ako. Im just lucky hubby is a bit kuripot, so may ipon naman kahit papano.
    Kaya natin to sis! Para sa future ng babies natin!:)

  2. I gave you an award for being awesome. Check it out! :)


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