Jul 26, 2013

And we're HOME!

After three restless nights and earnest prayers, our little princess is almost back to normal. She was hit by pneumonia, again. And now I feel bad as I type this. Now I feel so bad. =( How could I allow that f*cking pneumonia to do a strike two on my little kid? Bad! 

on our second day at the hospital

But I still feel grateful to God for knowing better. He chooses our battle. And He gives it to us on a perfect time. Despite the pain I felt whenever I hear my little princess whimpers in agony when she tries to cough her phlegm out but can't. I still thank God. Because I know He was with us the whole time. 

Thank you, Lord!

And you may want to know the best lesson I learned from this experience. I should update my Philhealth membership data and include my two kids as my dependent. Grabe, I was told by our pediatrician that we could have saved 5 figures with Aerin's case. She didn't inform me of the exact amount because she thinks "5 figures" will make me upset na, much more by knowing the truth. And I am really upset to myself for being too lazy to drag my butt to the Philhealth office. Grrr! Sayang! 

Open ba ang Philhealth pag Saturday? I am going to update everything by Monday. Promise. Not that I am anticipating one more hospitalization, NO, I don't want that anymore, I just want to do it para I wouldn't regret like this. Di ba?

While we were at the hospital, I kept checking on Angela because I heard in the news that a 6-yr. old kid went missing in Imus. Baka yung mga bad guys andito na rin sa Imus. Nakakapraning na talaga ang paligid natin ngayon. Hindi ka na pwedeng makampante kahit nasa loob ka na ng bakuran mo. Kaya ako, I keep on telling everyone at home not to allow Angela to go out alone. I also always remind Angela not to get anything from strangers. I tell her everyday to bite the stranger's arms if he/she will take her plus scream at the top of her lungs. Di baleng OA ako sa reminders basta mabawasan lang ang agam agam ko. Sana makita na rin ang lahat ng mga nawawalang bata. They are too innocent and helpless para pahirapan ng ibang tao. Sana yung mga masasamang tao na lang ang mawala. Ok, enough.

I should go ahead, I need to shower before dumating si Angela from school. I need to take off from me some hospital's virus. Ewww! I should have done this earlier but I missed blogging. *wink


  1. Mommy It's not open ng Saturday =(
    Sana gumaling na ng husto baby boy mo,, Pray pray pray.


  2. Hi Tin, thanks sa info. :) Sana nga gumaling na nang tuluyan si Aerin, oh, she's a she. ;)

    Very powerful talaga ang prayers. Kaya pray pray lagi tayo.. :)


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