Jan 2, 2014

2013: The Year That Has Been


Generally speaking, the past year has been very good to me and my family. We moved in to our very first abode early this year. We bought another car this year, too. We made new friends with our awesome neighbors. Angela had adjusted pretty well with her new school. Our construction business flourished this year as well. Although we have let go of bad some clients, we also have welcomed new ones. I have successfully maintained this blog even if for some time I have been MIA. This humble space will be turning a year in old in a few days. Woohooo!! No no no, I am not yet a certified blogger. I must say that I have not yet fully committed myself in blogging since most of the time, I lack in words. Alam nyo yun, whenever I start to type down all my kwentos, suddenly my mind would go blank. All the freakin' time! But still, I will try harder this year. I'll try. Because I really wanted to make sense in this blogging world.

While trials and petty issues are inevitable, we have conquered all and survived! The two kids have been in and out of the hospitals but both are so healthy now. Our relationship as husband and wife have been tested over and over this year (nothing serious guys, just petty issues, alam nyo na yan mga mare =)) and we're learning to keep our love alive. And I'm happy to say that we have learned a lot from all those hardships and difficulties. That's what matters, right?

But still, there's so much to thank for than to complain. There's a lot to be grateful about than to whine. That's part of my learning in the past year, to look at the beautiful things rather than be grumpy about the what-not. Thank you Lord for the wonderful 2013, from the bottom of my heart. =)

2013, It's a WRAP!

WELCOME 2014!!! =)

Let's do this mga mare. Let's be fiercer and tougher than our problems. Let's be happier and more positive this year. Let's keep the faith!


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