Apr 23, 2014

Memory Lapses

Note: The incident happened the day before we took off to Mindoro for the much needed vacay a.k.a. Holy Week. I wrote this the following week. And because I have a very bad memory, I forgot that this has been sitting in my draft folder. :p

My memory failed me last week and caused me taxi fares yesterday. Masakit talaga sa loob ko kasi I wasted 400 para sa wala. I had a major memory lapse Tuesday evening, you know. I left the office forgetting to log-out, I only remembered it when I got home. Not only that, I also gave doubtful informations to BDO's customer service when my ATM card has been retained while I was attempting to withdraw from their branch in Shangri-La mall. I was telling the lady wrong account's branch. Kaya pala she kept on asking me questions. Siguro iniisip nya I stole the card. I was not able to know why my card was captured. I perfectly understand it though, in fact I am glad to know that my money is perfectly safe with BDO. They won't divulge any information regarding my account because I was giving them wrong account details. Naging hassle lang talaga sakin, wrong timing lang 'ika nga. Angela was having high fever that time and I was supposed to buy her meds pero waley, kinain yung ATM card ko! I was cursing on my way home.

I knew I got the branch wrong when I went to the "wrong branch" yesterday. Para akong kinain ng lupa when I realized my mistake. It turns out, the account I was insisting is already closed. Ewan ko ba sa memory ko! 

They gave me the correct number to call and was relieved to know that my new ATM card is ready for pick-up.

And from this day forward, I'll be updating my records of everything including my passwords and PIN. :)

Can you relate to this "horror" stories mare?

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